From Exotic Animal Nurseries to Upcycled Aircraft Classrooms

 - Dec 16, 2013
The days of one-room schoolhouses with chairs and desks affixed to the floors are over — these unconventional learning environments are open, airy, colorful and enable kids to move. Rigid furniture in schools is becoming a thing of the past, since it’s more valuable for classrooms to be able to reconfigure desks in rows for tests or clusters for group assignments.

As schools become more equipped with devices like tablets over computers, this also enables flexibility and more adaptable spaces.

Kids learn in a variety of ways and if teachers are able to adapt their classrooms to suit the needs of auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learners, the educational experience is all the more rich for the kids. Some of the most interesting designs may be far from the images of school you remember as a child — the environments might even look more like playgrounds than traditional classrooms, which seems to be precisely the point.