Spiral River by Spacecutter is an Artificial Tributary Tailored for Play

 - Jan 13, 2012
References: spacecutter & suckerpunchdaily
Small waterfalls and sparkling streams make for fantastic natural places to play, inspiring the development of Spiral River by Spacecutter which is molded explicitly for human use. Organic shapes, volumes and voids can be found within this delightful landscape architecture design, but each has been thoughtfully sculpted to form different areas for various water-loving activities.

Alex Gil has planned to place a piece of the forest stream into the center of a suburban park. It incorporates a coursing creek, a shallow pond, a smooth shore and contoured passages, providing distinctive zones for different age groups. Toddlers may find the still water and the fountains to be completely captivating, while the rushing rill amuses older children. Around Spiral River by Spacecutter there are several winding routes for kids to run and appreciate a more natural form of playground.