From Hello Kitty Lounges to Toy Block Hotels

 - Jul 2, 2014
Resorts and hotels are making more and more of an active effort to accommodate children and youth in their targeted demographic by offering a slew of kid-friendly destinations for families to visit. The idea is that companies can attract a wider clientele if couples and families are encouraged to bring their children to a kid-friendly location.

When a child is interested in going to a hotel, a park or a resort, chances are moms and dads will be more inclined to book their next vacation at that specific kid-friendly destination. Many brands and companies are grounding their travel experiences in kid-friendly television characters and popular pop culture references as a way to invite families to enjoy a vacation filled with pools, ball pits and other interactive family services.

Disney is a great example of a company that offers both adults and children a chance at a fun-filled vacation with areas that are specifically tailored to a youth-based population such as cinematic theme parks, rides and hotels.