Little Kaiju Explores the Crevices of Tokyo, Japan

 - Sep 19, 2012
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An adorable little creature called Little Kaiju who lives in a vending machine scours the dark corners of Tokyo, Japan, in an animated short film by Johnathan and Josh Baker (aka TWiN). The miniature monster is fueled by curiosity as it ventures out on the neon-lit streets peering at the buildings and exploring the rooftops of the populated city.

Little Kaiju is a small, white, sphere-headed 3D being with irresistible beady eyes and blushing cheeks that pull you in. There is a round light on its chest that helps the creature maneuver through the dark and mysterious alleyways. Its inquisitive nature and overall amicable personality captivates the hearts of viewers. It's hard not to fall in love with the little creature as it sits on a bike buggy dangling its feet and peering around like a kid.

TWiN's short film allows viewers to see another side of Tokyo that isn't blinded by bright lights and eccentricity, but is shadowy, mysterious and cute due to the addition of the small character.