PlayHive Can Be Easily Built by Parents for an Un-bee-lievably Fun Playground

 - Jan 19, 2013
References: thoughtbarn & blog.2modern
You don't need monkey bars and a slide to give a kid a good time, the PlayHive Kit can be assembled right in your backyard and offer small children all of the entertainment they could ask for.

The igloo-like original was built by Thoughtbarn, displayed by Breed & Co. and auctioned off to raise money towards the 2010 Bastrop wildfires. Less than a year ago, the plans were made available to the public due to significant interest in the design.

You can download the PlayHive Kit, drawings and tips to help you construct your very own. You need a few basic power tools to undertake it efficiently, giving you the 2 x 4 building blocks you need. Simply stack the segments of wood at the correct angles and the beehive-like jungle gym will take shape, complete with climbable steps inside and outside.