'Blow Up Your School' is an Eco-Friendly Temporary Classroom

Public and private schools looking to go green could do so with little to no effort on their part thanks to 'Blow Up Your School.' 'Blow Up Your School' is a portable classroom designed to be quickly and efficiently set up with little to no cost to the environment.

'Blow Up Your School' could be set up on-site using only a portable generator, virtually eliminating the carbon costs of transporting and assembling a portable classrooom. The best part about this concept is that the units can be attached together to form a standalone school in less than a weeks time.

Edgardo Caceres-Alvarez, Audrey Handelman and Richard Hammond are the creative geniuses behind 'Blow Up Your School.' Their inflatable classroom would be great for cash-strapped educational departments looking to cut corners wherever possible. Check out the inflatable classroom concept here, and be sure to continue reading below to see more innovative and creative classroom redesigns from the Trend Hunter archives.