‘Smartground' by Tamer Nakisci

 - Jan 7, 2009
References: yankodesign
Children do not go outside as much as they used to but, if the ‘Smartground’, a playground connected to the internet, by Tamer Nakisci becomes the standard, children will beg to go to the park.

When a child enters onto the ‘Smartground’ playground, they sign-in as they would for any regular online game. The game remembers their friends, winnings, weapons, goodies, and more. After the child logs into the ‘Smartground’ internet playground made of LED tiles, they run, jump and interact with players.

Forgive me for being able to wrap my mind around the technical aspects of Tamer Nakisci’s ‘Smartground’. I have no clue, if there is more than one child, how the tiles can tell one child from another. 

However, one doesn’t need to fully comprehend technology in order to enjoy it. My kids would have a blast on the ‘Smartground’-that includes my child at heart husband.