This Japanese Shrimp Recipe Features an Insect Garnish

 - Jan 23, 2015
References: mandarinoriental & spoon-tamago
What do you get when you infuse your shrimp recipe with some ant toppings? Plenty of protein is right and even though many may find this delicacy bizarre, it is one of René Redzepi's most renowned menu items.

The chef and restaurateur is the owner of Noma, a critically acclaimed eatery that features an abundance of unusually delicious seafood menu items. When describing his ant-infused shrimp recipe, Redzepi describes the delicacy as a 'suberb mix of sweet and acidic flavor pairings'.

The chef's delicacy is inspired by the Nagano forest and the flavors that it represents. Served on a plate of ice, this fresh shrimp dish is garnished with wild black ants that are said to add a zesty and acidic element to its overall taste.