These Handmade Oyster Plates Contain Indented Placement Holders

 - Jun 27, 2015
References: francescosillitti & luxurylaunches
The Francesco Sillitti design company has created a line of oyster plates that will display the luxurious seafood in an elegant and compartmentalized style. The dish is a rectangular shape that contains four indentations. There are two large grooves at each end of the plate to hold oysters and two smaller grooves in the center to hold spices or sauces.

These elegantly crafted oyster plates are made in Valencia, Spain. Each plate is made from stoneware giving it an elegant table presence.

This fine-dining seafood item is presented in an elegant and classy form through the use of this sophisticate oyster-holding dish. The plate was deigned for oysters but it can be a multi-functioning piece of tableware used for serving a variety of other meals as well.