The South Rises Again with this Flawless Chicken and Waffles Burger

 - Dec 5, 2014
If you love southern food, this chicken and waffles burger is the closest thing to perfection you will likely ever find. From Mathew Ramsey of PornBurger, the I Woke Up Like This stack consists of fried chicken sandwiched between two waffles to make a chicken burger.

In addition to fried chicken and American cheese between the cheeseburger slider waffles, there is also smoked bacon, dill pickle, rocket salad and Sriracha mustard. Packing a slight amount of heat, this chicken and waffles burger is actually flawless. The bacon is the perfect touch, while the hot sauce mustard, pickles and greens will cut through some of the grease.

If you are feeling ambitious, this recipe could be an interesting project to try replicating.