From Chocolate Coffee Bars to Caffeinated Chewing Gums

 - Sep 17, 2015
These caffeinated food products offer a tasty alternative to a cup of coffee. For many consumers, caffeine has become a necessary way to cope with early mornings and busy schedules. These energy-boosting snacks provide a new way to get your daily caffeine fix.

For those that prefer to grab something on the go, there are a number of caffeinated food products that come in convenient containers. These pre-packaged snacks are specially designed for those who might not have time to stop at their local coffee shop. Some of these handy snack options include energy-boosting brownies, coffee-inspired chocolate bars and caffeinated breakfast pastries.

For those that prefer to control the amount of caffeine in the foods they are eating, there are a number of recipes that include energy-boosting ingredients. For example, there are quinoa breakfast bowls that are infused with freshly brewed coffee. There are also raw matcha macaroons that harness the energy-boosting properties of green tea.