This Coffee Baking Flour Has a Deliciously Sweet Flavor

 - Apr 14, 2014
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This Coffee Flour is the aromatic, flavorful and caffeinated alternative to conventional baking flour. A excellent health-conscious alternative to heavily processed and bleached flours, the coffee flour is filled with healthy benefits and a fruity taste.

Despite its name, Coffee Flour actually isn't made using little brown coffee beans. Coffee Flour is actually made using the fruity red husk that surrounds the bean, sometimes called a "coffee berry." The husk is packed with all sorts of yummy goodness like iron, fiber, potassium protein and a surprisingly sweet flavor despite not being a conventional cake flour. On top of it all, Coffee Flour is caffeinated. Try baking it into pancakes, breads, cakes, cookies to give you the energy kick you need to get you through your day.