These Sriracha Lollipops are Devilishly Spicy Sweet

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: sprinklebakes
If you have a fire-proof palate and you refrigerator is populated by more bottles of hot sauce than you care to admit, then these Sriracha Lollipops are likely to make your jaw drop. Created by the celebrated blogger Heather Baird from the wildly popular blog 'Sprinkle Bakes,' these inferno-boasting suckers are sure to have your eyes watering in the best possible way.

Sure to raise more than a few eyebrows and insight their fair share of dares, these spicy pops are devilishly intriguing. Comprised of a concoction of sugar, water, corn syrup and a hefty dose of Sriracha, these vibrant treats are delightfully spicy sweet. Sure to kick your taste buds into overdrive, these complex lollies beg to be experienced.

The perfect treat for the masochist in your life, these Sriracha Lollipops offer an inferno of flavor.