These Football Themed Cakes are the Perfect Game Day Snack

The blogger Mini Baker crafted these alluring Football Themed Cupcakes in anticipation of the Super Bowl. She got kick off ready with these gingerbread-topped chocolate cupcakes that are sure to make any football fanatic weak in the knees. The rich and glossy chocolate cupcakes are topped with a generous dollop of airy choco buttercream, a sweet football-shaped gingerbread cookie and a smattering of shredded coconut dyed astroturf green.

The perfect sweet game time snack, these Football Themed Cupcakes will help ease the tension of an intense match. Offering sweet solace in times of despair and sugar-coated celebration in moments of triumph, these ball-toting cakes are the perfect treats to have by your side from the very first kick off. Whip up these yummy petite cakes and become a hero to the football fans in your household.

Cute, festive and over-the-top delicious, these Football Themed Cupcakes are the perfect sweet accent to a day of sports.