The Koffski is Badass!

 - Jul 9, 2008
References: koffski & arabaquarius.blogspot
I face a dilemma when it comes to men bags (aka murse, man purse). I think they are utterly useful and necessary in this age of multi-gadget possessions, which usually stuff my pockets. Yet, I can not get over the fact that no matter how we sugarcoat it, in the end it is a purse. The Koffski by Nina Voss solves my dilemma by delivering the functionality of the murse in a super macho design of a gun holster.

The Koffski comes in a set with a small detachable wallet. But if you want to really look badass, you gotta get the shoulder holster, shoulder strap and belt add-ons.

In addition to looking super cool and setting alarms all over the airport, this manbag provides super easy and fast access to essentials such as keys, mobile, money.

With its assorted accessories, this murse can go with both formal wear (under the jacket using shoulder straps) and casual jeans and a tee using the belt.

The designer thought of each and every important item. There is a place for money (both banknotes & coins), mobile phone, credit cards, driving license, identity card and much more. All of this is contained within 19 cm x 14 cm with 3.5 cm thickness.

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