From Luxury Manly Murses to Denim Motes

 - Oct 16, 2011
With an increasing number of consumers owning tablets and laptops, men who own man bags are no longer seen as particularly effeminate. Today, a bag isn't so much a handbag as it is a practical accessory to carry your gadgets.

There is a wide range of man bags, murses, matchels, motes -- whatever you want to call them -- out there, and to suit every fashionisto or average joe's tastes. This collection highlights some of the most fashionable to the most functional, ranging from man bags that are sleek and stylish, such as manly leather pouches and sleek, simple carriers, to those that are geeky, including NES controller carryalls and retro gamer satchels.

Whatever your tastes, whether your man bag is a style statement or a functional part of your wardrobe is up to you.