The Trouser Bag is an Odd Way for Men to Carry Belongings

 - Jun 12, 2009   Updated: May 26 2011
If you think carrying a leather man purse is unacceptable, then you may be interested in a Trouser Bag.

This murse creation can most definitely be made at home as a craft project using an old pair of pants that have been grown out of. 

The Trouser Bag is perfect for the stubborn man who refuses to carry a half-decent leather murse.

Implications - With limited options available to men for storage of personal belongings and the stigma associated with men who carry murses, trouser bags are entering a virtually untapped market. Trouser bags are just the beginning in terms of practical and sublte storage -- even for women, the wrist-hanging clutch has replaced the over-the-top handbag as men and women alike try to reach a balance between practicality and style.