Jessica Park Turns 100-Year-Old Mailbags into Awesome Accessories

 - Jan 20, 2011
References: ampersandasapostrophe
If you've ever wanted a handbag with a whole lot of character and unique flair, then you'll be happy to hear that Jessica Park has released a really cool line of vintage-styled handbags made from century-old postal sacks.

Inspired by the romantic imagery of these richly textured icons of a bygone era, Jessica Park founded ‘Ampersand as Apostrophe’ to market her innovative fashion accessories to customers eager to get their hands on truly one-of-a-kind satchels. The handbags are surprisingly redolent of their ancestors’ look and feel, but because Jessica reshapes the textiles with modern sensibilities in mind, they also succeed as modern luxury carryalls simultaneously. What is especially remarkable about her successful combination, though, is that the bags have an aesthetic that is rugged, but is still stylish enough to appeal to both men and women.