Carry Your Belongings in This Ultimate StarCraft Messenger Bag

 - Mar 21, 2011
References: thinkgeek
This geeky StarCraft messenger bag is the ultimate accessory for gamers. While you are at work or school, you can dream your day away thinking about StarCraft as you look at your lovely StarCraft II Zerg edition messenger bag. Use it every day or keep it as a collector's item -- either way, this will be something gamers will be sure to cherish forever.

ThinkGeek writes that the StarCraft messenger bag "is designed for gamers who want to keep their gear protected, stay comfortable and look good doing it." The bag is conveniently weatherproof and constructed with heavy-duty materials. If a jealous mob of geeks come to steal away your precious bag and an epic battle occurs, just know that your bag will survive. There is enough room inside to store a laptop, books and your armor just in case a surprise battle takes place.