From Gamer Desk Lamps to Sleek Sound Systems

 - May 22, 2013
If your dad is a gamer, you'll have no trouble finding a gift this Father's Day because this list of gifts for gamer dads is basically endless.

Something as simple and inexpensive as gamer-refueling snack packs could be the most sentimental gift for gamer dads. Even though they're essentially just fruit bars, they're named after Starcraft and World of Warcraft gaming series.

If you have a little more to spend, focus on upgrading your dad's gaming station. Fom; gears like controllers, head pieces, key boards, mice, screens or chairs, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your dad's gaming experience.

Aside from that, this extensive list contains game-inspired random items like furniture, carpets, blankets, replicas, desk lights, baking mitts, nut containers, pillows, tables, t-shirts, tie clips, posters, beer steins, soap, meal slicers and more.