Posters of Video Game Quotes are Gamerprint’s Will Please Any Gamer

If you’ve ever invested in playing several hours of video games, you know that their story lines and video game quotes eventually get embedded into your head. The good people of ‘GamerPrint,’ a company specializing in video game-themed products, offers these ‘Video Game Quotes Posters’ to gaming aficionados.

Each poster features a quote that’s synonymous with a video game title. The illustrations used by the designers of the posters are representative of the video games that are featured.

From Ron Perlman’s iconic narration of "war never changes" for the post-apocalyptic ‘Fallout’ series, to Star Fox 64’s space pilot Peppy’s phrase of "do a barrel roll" -- which you should search on Google to see a funny trick -- these iconic posters of video game quotes are testaments to how a gamer’s love of a video games transcends the screen.