This Magical Zelda Boomerang Replica Really Flies and Defeats Evil

 - Apr 16, 2013
References: youtube & kotaku
As arguably the most popular fantasy game of all time, there's plenty of people paying homage to the Legend of Zelda through creative personal projects.

Going beyond the fantasy game and bringing the magic into real-life is YouTube user Victor Poulin, who created this very impressive boomerang replica right out of the 'Twilight Princess' entry of the Zelda fantasy game series. Not only are the visual designs of the boomerang impressively accurate, but the boomerang flies as true as the video game version does. In fact, considering that the boomerang in the game is generally used for only stunning enemies and cutting ropes, this real-life version could probably do more physical harm than the video game version. It's impressive to see the replica fly as far and straight as it does in the video.