Curious Shapes of Breat's Shoe Packaging Have a Playful and Appealing Look

 - May 9, 2013
References: packagingoftheworld
Designing product wrappers is a tricky task that challenges you to somehow engage consumers with the use of just paper and ink. Breat's shoe packaging is a brilliant example of an engrossing success because it encourages the kid in all of us.

Yoon Jin of South Korea was inspired by the popular game of Tetris, choosing to build each box with unexpected and abstract forms that deviate greatly from the typical rectangular prisms. L-shapes, zigzags, elongations and cubes contain different types of sports footwear. Each carton begins as a crisp white but features accents in one of five bright colors, accompanied by silhouettes of athletes.

Breat's shoe packaging would be a pleasure to behold on the shelf for the consumer; however, interestingly, the folks who would have the most fun with these boxes would be those packing the trucks and tidying store rooms.