Lather Yourself with the L'Opera Restaurant

 - Sep 16, 2011
References: perpetualkid & incrediblethings
Cleansers come in various shapes and sizes, and now one can cleanse in style with the hilarious Mustache Soap Set.

The Mustache Soap Set is a hilarious series of body cleansers that bring the world of facial hair to the tub. Considering how most men need to take care and clean their whiskers, this is quite an appropriate form for mustache soap to take. The set comes with four different whiskers in various colors given comedic names. There's the Rich Uncle (black), the Wrestler (gold), the Sheriff (brown) and the Walrus (orange), all of which have a manly tobacco-caramel scent. These are all handcrafted and vegan-friendly for those concerned.

The Mustache Soap Set brings fun and humor to the shower.