Reddit User CycleNinja Posted an Illuminated Ceiling Fan

 - Dec 19, 2012
References: reddit & mymodernmet
Reddit user CycleNinja posted a brilliantly wild illuminated ceiling fan idea.

CycleNinja decided decided to find an alternate use for those Christmas lights around the house and see what happens when you attach them to a fan. The result is a vibrant swirling of multicolor lights. It is visually eye-catching and creates an optical illusion that is hard to dismiss. CycleNinja stated that the process is simple and all you need to do to create the same effect is to loop the Christmas lights around brackets on the fan panels. It is a wacky idea that paid off and has garnered tons of attention from fellow Reddit users and gotten linked almost 2,000 times in just over 24 hrs.

The illuminated ceiling fan CycleNinja came up with is truly inventive and a spectacular display.