This DIY Geometric Lampshade Has a Polished and Chic Manufactured Look

This DIY Geometric Lampshade proves that home-made objects can truly take on sleek and glossy appearances, given a clear concept and careful hands. Weekday Carnival has posted a brilliant idea for an accessorized light fixture that involves buying, bending, stringing and assembling one's own bits of metal.

A thin, hollow and gold-tinted tube was bent 90 degrees at regular lengths across each piece, once or more. Twine was then threaded through the narrow pipes to link them together, avoiding any need for complicated welding. This method has the added advantage of making the sculpture changeable.

The DIY Geometric Lampshade has been strung and hung around the drop cord of the mod industrial Nud Base T-05S pendant lamp. It expresses the raw beauty of concrete and glass and the tubing complements it perfectly.