From Floral Wrapping Paper Lighting to Convenient DIY Lighting

 - Jan 3, 2013
The type of lighting you use can say a lot about an interior, especially if you decide to create your own DIY lamps. The first thing guests will notice when they enter the room with the glowing bulbous chandelier you put together yourself is that they haven’t seen it in the stores; secondly, how expertly crafty you are and thirdly, your impeccable knack for fabulously flamboyant design. 

Best of all, DIY lamps like many other do-it-yourself projects recycle objects that are lying around your house. For instance, there is a tutorial to turn your old gaming cartridges into a heart-stopping video game homage. If you’re looking for an easy project, just wrap a piece of lace fabric around a light bulb to create interesting patterns on your wall.