The Blink Bike Helmet Keeps Bikers Safer During Night Rides

 - Apr 26, 2011
References: technabob
Cycling at night would be a whole lot safer with the Blink Bike Helmet. The Blink Bike Helmet was designed by Giovonni Doci to help make riders more visible at night.

The Blink Bike Helmet has three lights, two orange and one red, that blink to alert cars of the rider's moves. The red light is constantly blinking to alert cars to the rider's presence on the road while the orange lights on the side are touch-activated and work like turn signals. All the reflective vests and neon-colored clothing in the world may not be enough to save you from getting into a biking accident, especially at night during periods of low visibility. Designs like this would go a long way in keeping cyclists safe during nighttime rides.