- Jan 22, 2013
No one likes to be caught in the rain without the proper gear, which is why these fashionable rainwear designs will have you looking haute as the drops fall. Rainwear often involves a lot of polyurethane and heinously oversized boots; these are all things you won't find to be the main focus with the items within this collection.

Several high fashion design houses have taken to the rain gear market full-force with releases that are simplistically elegant and perfect for any outdoor activity. Timeless design house Burberry is consistently updating its classic trench to make it evolve with the years, so you're always staying up-to-date with must-have trends. Concerning footwear, the fashionable rainwear shoes within this list range from all-terrain to high-heeled, which will match any style out there.

From Translucent Couture Capes to Rainy Day Footwear: