'A Pair And A Spare' Makes a DIY Rainwear Tutorial

This DIY Rainwear Tutorial helps fashionistas create adorable outfits for bad weather. This transparent rain cape was created by Hong Kong-based DIY blogger Geneva of the fashion blog 'A Pair and A Spare.' After seeing the look in the Burberry Autumn/Winter 2011 collection, Geneva finally took it upon herself to create her own affordable version. Wearing this cape will keep you dry while allowing the recognition of a chic ensemble underneath the transparent fabric.

The surprisingly simple DIY channels all the haute couture of Burberry in a few easy steps. Geneva shows you how to transform a table cloth or shower curtain into incredibly wearable rainwear. As for the sweet trimming, Geneva worked with the company Scotch Tape who provided their lace-inspired duct tape that added some sweet detailing. Try this DIY Rainwear Tutorial to add some swank to your next rainy day.