Tandem Pedego Interceptor is Three Times Faster

 - Jul 8, 2011
References: pedegoelectricbikes & 7gadgets
If leisure cycling isn't your thing, and you'd prefer to have an extra boost to get to you the office on time, the Tandem Pedego Interceptor is possibly the most eco-friendly form of carpooling.

There are plenty of electric bikes on the market, but you won't see any like this motorized bicycle made for two, which packs its propelling mechanism on the back rack. You'll get a good speed going with pair of strong pedalers on this two-wheeler, but the engine will have you accelerate to beyond 20mph.

Mimicking an Amsterdam-style frame with a sloping top tube, the conveyance is easy to mount and comfortable to ride with ape hanger handlebars and chunky padded seats. The Tandem Pedego Interceptor two-seater bicycle opens a new door to eco-friendly transport.