This Gallery Helps The Visually Impaired to Experience Famous Works

 - Apr 16, 2015
References: & luxurylaunches
Madrid’s Prado Museum features a braille art gallery that helps the visually impaired to experience iconic masterpieces. Titled 'Hoy toca el Prado', the museum's unique service features 3D relief canvases that are created using a Spanish printing process called Didu.

Its portraits include iconic pieces like Leonardo Da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa,' Francisco de Goya’s 'The Parasol,' and other recognized works that are reproduced as textured reliefs. Even though this braille art gallery's visitors are not able to touch original art works, they are given a chance to experience the shape and texture of each masterpiece featured within it.

The gallery's high resolution replicas can also be experienced by sighted visitors who are given masks and put through the same process as a visually impaired person would be.