TocToc's Classical Painting Doodles are Extremely Comical

 - Apr 14, 2014
References: toctoc-art.tumblr & designtaxi
French illustrator TocToc's latest series consists of classical painting doodles. This different approach to classic art may be overlooked by art enthusiasts because TocToc is essentially defacing historic artworks, but hopefully they can appreciate the artist's wacky sense of humor. The project called ‘Salut l’Artiste’ showcases doodled cartoons on classical paintings.

Some of the classical works used in the series are the Leonardo De Vinci's Mona Lisa, Norman Rockwell's 'Girl with Black Eye' and Raphael's 'Anges' painting. He cheekily added funny visuals over the paintings. For example, he added a bruised boxer on the bench next to the girl with a black eye in Rockwell's famous painting and over the Mona Lisa he added a cartooned man taking a selfie.

The artist even infused pop culture cartoons into the series; he added Disney's the Little Mermaid and her fish friend Flounder into Claude Monet's famous 'Nymphéas' piece.