These KelOptic Eyewear Ads Render Impressionist Pieces Crystal-Clear

 - Jun 7, 2014
References: keloptic & adsoftheworld
French eyewear brand KelOptic recently released these brilliant eyewear ads that cleverly show the crystal-clear strength of its glasses by using Impressionist paintings.

In these KelOptic ads, the viewer is structurally set up to look through a pair of minimal KelOptic glasses at several iconic Impressionist paintings. Because the Impressionist art era was characterized by using dots or quick brush strokes to recreate realistic images, many Impressionist paintings tend to have a distorted look to them.

As the viewer looks at iconic artworks by famous Impressionist painters such as Vincent van Gogh, the KelOptic glasses render the paintings so clear that they almost seem hyper-realistic. These ads are a clever marketing scheme to show viewers how clear KelOptic glasses are.