Nicholas Mottla Jacobsen Blatantly Shows Process of Photoshopping

 - Mar 1, 2014
References: youarerockstar.tumblr &
The work of digital artist Nicholas Mottla Jacobsen blends new with the old. He takes classical paintings and manipulates them in very obvious ways, all of which involve Photoshop in some way. Whether that means scribbling all over it as though in an act of vandalism or censoring parts of the images to give it a sexualized undertone, Nicholas Mottla Jacobsen transforms the works of art in a variety of ways.

Based in Aversa, Italy, Nicholas Mottla Jacobsen's computer manipulated images belong to three different series: 'Save as a dream, Save as a love,' 'Tear It Off!' and 'Pixelisation.' Each series involves a different method of digitally manipulating the images whether that entails pixelating or tearing off parts of it or adding common computer controls on top.