Artist Laura Knighton is Inspired by Haunted Mansion Stretch Portraits

Halloween is just around the corner and that means this series of haunted Disney princesses comes just in time to celebrate the frightening festivities. Although more subtle than some people would like to see, the illustrations are inspired by Haunted Mansion stretch portraits. Specifically dubbed 'Phantom Manor Portraits,' the haunted Disney princesses series focuses on the disturbing themes found in each story.

Comprised of four images, the haunted Disney princesses series was created by Illustrator Laura Knighton, who is also known as That Disney Lover. The series focuses on The Little Mermaid, who stands in a pool of water as Ursula swims towards her, Belle and an undead Gaston, Jane Porter, who is about to go over a steep waterfall and, finally, Tiana and Naveen, who are surrounded by vindictive shadows.