These Hilariously Honest Slogans Get Right to the Point

 - May 9, 2014
References: buzzfeed
BuzzFeed has curated a list of hilariously honest slogans for some of your favorite apps. These slogans don't beat around the bush, that's for sure!

With its abundance of travel photos and elaborately prepared food images, Instagram has become a platform for "pretending to have a more interesting life than you actually do." Meanwhile, Facebook remains the go-to social network for stalkers, and Pinterest is still the best place to plan your fantasy wedding to Prince Harry.

Of course, the dating apps have the most hilarious slogans of them all. Snapchat's honest slogan admits that it's "Penises. Occasionally boobs," while the dating app Tinder boasts that you can "Find someone to touch your genitals." Anyone who's used these apps are sure to identify with their clever -- and truthful -- slogans.