Benedetto Papi and Edoardo Santamato Imagine Icons with Everyday Jobs

Italian designers Benedetto Papi and Edoardo Santamato have created pop culture business cards in the likes of some of the most famous fictional characters. However, these business cards represent more realistic "Joe Schmo" jobs instead of their fictional ones.

The designers used many superheroes as inspiration. If Batman quit his day job, he could possibly be a lighting technician due to his experience lighting up Gotham with his infamous bat symbol. Another bunch of fictional crime stoppers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, were imagined as pizza shop owners-- hopefully above the sewage system.

Movie posters were also re-imaged as general business cards by the clever and quirky duo. Finding Nemo's poster was ironically turned into a 'Nemo Sushi Bar' business card and Titanic's was used as the template for 'Titanic Scuba Diving School.'