- Jun 29, 2015
These video game branding examples range from secretive gaming campaigns to interactive billboards that respond to human contact. As millennials' love for technology evolves, brands are responding to this digital connection through niche marketing campaigns that feature a stimulating and interactive component.

In addition to connected billboards and interactive bus shelters, other standouts include branded contest apps that fuse competitive gaming with lucrative promotions and prizes. Other favorites range from social media gaming ads that blend a popular platform's interface with a commercial or targeted ad -- Snapchat's recent Call of Duty ad is a great example of how a digitized marketing strategy can be used to target the platform's tech-savvy users.

Next to public billboards and social media-fuelled video game branding, some other ways that brands are making an impact include gamer-approved business cards and realistic video game trailers that immerse viewers into a virtual world.

From Secretive Gaming Campaigns to Interactive Billboard Ads: