This Realistic Homer Simpson Drawing is a Shocking Sight to Behold

 - Mar 18, 2014
References: blog.naver & rsvlts
Realistic Cartoon Character drawings take the step towards showing us what our favourite cartoon characters might look like in the real world. Korean artist Seung Hoon Roh has taken the beloved Homer Simpson and drawn him in a 3D realistic style.

Simpson's fans will agree that Homer Simpson is not the most attractive character on the show. From his overweight appearance to slobbish mannerisms, Homer in 2D will be passed up for other characters. The realistic drawn version of Homer blows imagination out the window, making him look far worse that ever imagined.

With his beer belly sticking out of his stained golf shirt, sitting an arm chair with garbage all around, or laying in giant horde of burgers, donuts and beer, it' a sight that's better suited to stay in the cartoon universe.