The Princess Illustrations are Accurate Portrayals

 - Jan 30, 2014
References: shoomlah.deviantart & themetapicture
These Disney Princess illustrations are transformed into their historically correct time period. DeviantART artist Claire Hummel depicts the beloved Disney Princesses in their accurate period costumes. For example, Cinderella's dress is based in the mid-1860s. Sleeping beauty is based on the year 1485, Ariel's dress is based on 1880s evening gown fashion, Bell's dress is based on 1770s French court fashion and Maleficent's dress is based on early-to-mid 1400s.

The Disney Princess illustrations indicates exactly what time period it is being depicted as. Claire's art is a work in progress and she loves to surprise people with what she will do next with the Disney princesses. Each drawing is done with such detail and precision. You can see a difference between these depicted drawings and the originals that Disney created.