Vietnamese Artist Carves Eggshells into Stunning Works of Art

 - Sep 12, 2013
References: odditycentral
Vietnamese artist Ben Tre has the ability to drill hollowed-out eggshells into his very own eggshell artwork. Tre says he has been carving for only a year, but already has a series of pieces in his portfolio.

The specific canvasses are chicken eggshells, which are hollowed out prior to carving without any chemical treatment to the shell. Extremely delicately, Tre then uses a friend’s electrical drill to make small cuts and incisions to create his desired images. Some of these pieces include exotic outdoor landscapes, celebrity portraits (Albert Einstein, Mona Lisa and Queen Elizabeth). The carvings take a full day to complete, and are then mounted on display. Often, the shells are illuminated on the inside for greater effect, and are offered to his clients in encased glass globes to ensure protection of the sculptures.

These pieces are incredibly delicate and seemingly impossible without much patience, creativity—and of course, a steady hand.