This Small Coin from the Royal Mint Revives the Image of Britannia

 - Oct 2, 2014
References: royalmint & walesonline
As part of the 2014 Britannia Gold and Silver Proof Collection, the UK's Royal Mint introduced a super small coin that you might have to squint at to see. The coin is about half of the diameter of a 5p piece, and measures only just 1.8 cm, making it one of the smallest coins that the Royal Mint has created in about 1,000 years. For now, this is the smallest coin that the Royal Mint can make with the technology it currently uses.

The coin features a modern-day image of a globe, a lion and Britannia, who was first introduced on Roman coins of comparable size thousands of years ago. 9,650 of the coins have been minted and can be purchased from the Royal Mint for £50.