Unicorn Poop Soap Keeps You Clean Using Glitter and Magic

 - Dec 22, 2013
References: thinkgeek & technabob
There probably isn't a geekier soap out there than the Unicorn Poop Soap from ThinkGeek. Everyone knows that unicorns aren't real, but everyone also knows that when they go to the bathroom a rainbow comes out. They're just that magical. This soap isn't made from any form of excrement, though. It's actually made using vegan-friendly oils and a decent amount of glitter.

The Unicorn Poop Soap is as colorful as its name is silly, and it is sure to be a welcome surprise to guests who visit your home. More and more soaps like this have been created as crafters and companies alike try to appeal to geeks in new ways. Nowadays, you can't expect a vegan-friendly soap to sell itself. Instead, you need to create a soap that is both eco-friendly and that appeals to consumers, in this case geeks, in other ways.