Eco Light Bulb Packaging Uses Materials Resourcefully and Eschews Glue

 - Feb 25, 2015
References: iamstacypark & packageinspiration
This eco light bulb packaging proposal explores the possibilities of resourceful manufacturing. Products like light globes are delicate enough to require protection in shipping, storage and sale, but this has the potential to produce a great deal of avoidable waste. A great solution by Stacy Park was to minimize the types and quantities of material used through a clever form of optimization.

The Green Depot Eco-Friendly Lightbulb is contained within a hexagonal carton that's open at the top and bottom. This shape gently embraces the glass, offering corrugated cardboard padding and spaciousness to prevent pressure. A technique of scoring and folding the recyclable material enables the efficient formation of the eco light bulb packaging, and the simpler insertion of a tripartite spacer keeps the product in place without adhesives.