Nested Detergent Bottle Integrates a Sprayer, a Squeegee and a Container

 - Jan 30, 2015
References: yankodesign
It's pretty ingenious how this nested detergent bottle could help to organize a cupboard, simply by better integrating its many generous features. Called the T-Spray Bottle, this product is a portable detergent vessel that comes with a larger refill container and a squeegee. While this little collection of items could easily occupy significant space in your cleaning products cabinet, some tetris-style designing has led to a very compact good.

Navid and Soroush Vahidian have made thinking inside of the box quite an effective method. The rectangular form of the big package was molded with a hollow middle, to the precise silhouette of the handheld spritzer. To clip the smaller securely into the larger, the straight-edged wiper fastens across the side, making this nested detergent bottle a dream to ship and shelve.