This Toilet Paper Packaging Concept Wraps Tissue in Fruity Prints

 - Sep 30, 2014
References: latona-m & packagingoftheworld
Due to the nature of the product, toilet paper and toilet paper packaging rarely get any special kind of presentation. However, this concept for TP packaging designed by Kazuaki Kawahara of Latona Marketing thinks of toilet paper in a new way.

In Japan, it's customary for stores to give customers rolls of bathroom tissue in order to show their appreciation. This concept for Fruit Toilet Paper comes in four fun printed wraps, including kiwi, strawberry, watermelon and orange. As well as making great things to gift, whether they're scented or not, you can't help but assume that these toilet papers would be pleasant smelling. As a group, the pack of four toilet papers sit in a farm-inspired wooden crate that makes them even more presentable as a novelty gift, since it makes it look as though the fruits were freshly picked.