- Aug 27, 2014
Food-filled cosmetic products are a fun way that companies and makeup brands are discovering new scents and flavors to infuse in beauty and skincare lines. The nostalgic scent of dishes like pie, cake and even vegetables is a great way to get consumers to think about face products as literal food for their body.

From food-scented lip balms to skincare lines inspired by healthy eating, food is quickly finding its way into many everyday cosmetic products. One way companies are infusing popular dishes into makeup items is through nostalgia and bringing popular sweet treats and fast foods scents and flavors into perfumes, chapsticks and body lotions. On the other end of the spectrum, many brands are opting for a more organic use of food in their cosmetic products to convey an all-natural aesthetic.

From Perfume-Scented Cookies to Gourmet Lip-Smacking Moisturizers: