LycoRed's Tomato Supplement

 - Mar 6, 2008
References: lycored & nutritionhorizon
Now you can get drinkable sun protection.

LycoRed is an international supplier of natural carotenoids and a wide range of other nutritional ingredients to the dietary supplement and functional food industries. The LycoRed, Israel, innovation is a natural tomato carotenoid composition of lycopene, phytoene and phytofluene, all highly unsaturated yellow to red pigments occurring in plants and animals. The composition is said to protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV-radiation. So far nothing special. The interesting point, however, is that it is not to be applied on the body, but taken orally. This novel cosmetic can be activated via a dietary supplement or in a beverage.

“While up until now, the dominant means for supplementing the diet with important nutrients was via capsules, what we offer here, is quite unique.” states Zohar Nir, Ph.D., LycoRed's VP of New Product Development. “This is a natural lycopene composition that can be either encapsulated in a soft gel or easily added to a beverage to create a year round fortified sun protection drink. While it does not replace topical sunscreen, when taken daily, it provides a degree of both UVA and UVB protection even during months of the year when one is not likely to apply a topical lotion.”