From Waterproof Cameras to Sun-Soaking Lounge Chairs

 - May 18, 2012
Catching some rays by the water is a delightful experience when coupled by a collection of refreshing poolside products.

Whether you are a sun-bathing beauty or an aqua-loving swimmer, taking the appropriate accessory for your day in the sun is a necessity. Inflatable pool furniture makes for a perfect combination of sun and surf for those who like to indulge in the cool water while still getting that perfectly even tan. Those who would rather splash around without worrying about drowning can find their liquid-filled day completed with a flutter board or pool noodle.

Basking under a parasol or a canopy is an option for people who are concerned with limiting their UV ray exposure and rocking summertime gear like flip flops, giant sun hats and sunscreen.

Even pooches can indulge in some fun items to make their outing a little more relaxing by floating around in a canine floaty.